2H in collaboration with Vekta Group Awarded Moray West Offshore Wind farm Integrity Management Contract

26 June 2024

2H, in collaboration with Vekta Group, have been awarded a four-year integrity management (IM) contract for the Moray West offshore wind farm.

The offshore wind farm, which is currently under construction in the UK’s North Sea, has been developed by Ocean Winds, a 50:50 joint venture between EDP Renewables, and ENGIE. The contract’s scope covers IM for all balance of plant (BoP) equipment, including the monopile foundations and tower structures of the wind turbine generators, inter-array and export cables, and both offshore and onshore substations. Working with 2H, Vekta Group will develop and implement integrity plans for the structural and electrical equipment on the field, aiming to optimise operating costs and preserve the condition of the assets.

2H’s engineering office in Aberdeen, UK, along with its integrity management division, Clarus, will execute the project. The project will benefit from Clarus’ proprietary digital IM software, iCUE, to facilitate management of operational data and visualisation of system health. Vekta Group, based in Edinburgh, will provide specialist expertise for BoP electrical and high voltage equipment.

Charles Balderston, CEO of Vekta Group, commented, “We are really looking forward to working with the Moray West Project as part of a collaboration with 2H in order to support their O&M team.  Vekta have over twenty years combined experience working in offshore wind and supporting HV asset management. We have successfully collaborated with 2H on various offshore wind projects over recent years and this project will continue to build on that relationship as well as improve knowledge sharing for the benefit of the client “

Ricky Thethi, Global Director at 2H Offshore, commented, “We are excited to partner with the Moray West O&M team to implement an IM program for their balance of plant equipment. 2H and Clarus have two decades of experience managing long-term integrity programs for offshore structures and we believe that all stakeholders will greatly benefit from our structured, risk-based approach to integrity management, gaining better visibility of key risks and the ability to proactively address integrity issues during operations.”

Jamie Dempster, Moray West Senior O&M Manager commented “We are delighted to have signed this agreement with 2H Offshore that will utilise their Scottish based expertise, supported by their wider teams. 2H performed well throughout the rigours procurement process and we welcome them onto our list of key suppliers.  As Moray West moves towards operational phase soon Ocean Winds will be operating the largest capacity of offshore wind around Scotland, a great achievement demonstrating our evolution from a focus on development to that of a generator.”


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