Optimising operational performance…

Optimising operational performance, improving availability and designing projects with O&M at the forefront from first principals make Vekta Group well placed to help improve your generation and reduce risks.

  • Making the link between design and operations

  • Analyse and improve existing O&M plan

  • Harbour and onshore infrastructure studies

  • Preventative maintenance planning

  • Spares strategy for all or part of the project

  • Wind turbine due diligence and selection

  • OPEX and operational CAPEX modelling

  • Lifetime availability calculations & improvement

  • Dynamic cable analyses (FEA)

  • Seabed material studies and cable temperatures

  • Risk mitigation planning

  • HV network availability optimisation

  • Logistics capacity planning and optimisation

  • Analyses of repair strategies & planning support

  • Technical reporting and data analysis

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