We believe that we can win the fight against climate change…

We believe that we can win the fight against climate change. By working to develop our own renewables projects, sharing knowledge and helping to enable other businesses build and operate more efficient energy projects we can fulfil that mission.

We know it is essential that we transition to a carbon free economy.  It is not just energy but includes other areas like transport and waste. This can be realised by companies and individuals balancing profitability with efficiency and sustainability whilst reducing their environmental impact.


Vekta Group is founded on the principal that our biggest assets are our people and that we must put them first above all other things.  We believe that by doing this it will bring the biggest rewards to our clients and partners as well as the wider business and ultimately the industry in which we work.


We have assembled a core team with decades of combined experience within the renewables industry and we know how best to apply that experience.  Our purpose is to share knowledge and innovative ideas with our clients so we can work with you to improve projects and quality while reducing costs.


We are a big believer in working openly and collaboratively with clients and suppliers to do as little or as much as they need. No matter how big the company or the project it is very difficult to do everything under one roof.  We will always be open about our capabilities and not provide unnecessary or below standard services just to tick a box.


There is no technology or project that we aren’t able to work on and we are driven by innovation and new opportunity.


Climate change is a global problem and even though we are UK based we are capable of taking on work from all over the world.

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