Digital Solutions

Find the tools you need to get the project you want

The renewable industry is expanding rapidly and there is a growing need for smarter and more accessible digital tools that can adapt to your needs and help solve complex problems.  In an effort to help we have developed our own in-house tools which are highly customisable, interactive and easy to use.



Vekta Digital is a secure cloud based platform designed by industry experts to revolutionise your project collaboration, data management and engineering workflows. Our comprehensive tool empowers you with:

  • A secure platform to develop your projects individually or as part of a team.
  • Access to trusted data sets and GIS tools.
  • Tools that are continuously updated and developed by your feedback.
  • The ability to preserve knowledge, automate processes and retain skills within your project.

Vekta Cables is a secure, cloud-based platform designed by industry experts to revolutionise your cable RFP and design management workflow. Our tool empowers you with:

  • Accurate pricing data, reducing RFQ response time and costs.
  • Extensive database of over 600 cables, with advanced search.
  • Automatic pricing calculations based on raw materials, manufacturing costs and market data.
  • Comprehensive datasheet generation, including electrical, mechanical and environmental parameters.
  • Compatibility with industry standards like IEC 60286, CIGRE TB 908 and TB 880.
  • Export datasheets in [CSV, PDF, DigSilent PowerFactory]