Array Cables Service

Prioritising our client's needs and interests

The key benefits

Applied to multiple technologies

Model Onshore and Offshore (fixed or floating) wind farms using different array cable layouts. We can also model tidal turbines as well as onshore solar and storage.

Know your failure modes better

See how robust your network is depending on where a fault occurs, when it occurs in the year and what the meantime to repair is. We can provide valuable insight into failure mode scenarios and give your project an edge as cable failures are the biggest cause of downtime.

Customised easy-to-use reports

Our dashboards can provide as much or as little detail as you need but we strive to present results in a simple and easy to understand manor.

Improve the financial case

Delivering array cable profiles that lower the whole life costs of your project, reduce electrical losses and focus on keeping the network operational with less downtime during maintenance or fault scenarios.

Try out different strategies

Work with us to test different design and maintenance strategy options quickly and efficiently. From radials to rings, fishbones to single cables; applies to onshore also.

Stay ahead of the game

Access the latest innovations in technology, ideas like different array network voltages, eco vs standard transformers, operating HV switchgear offline vs online as well as helping to build service plans that reduce the downtime for your network.

Array Cable Modelling

Whole-life cost analysis made easy

  • Wind Farm network design – we provide the client with robust information showing the comparison of one network layout against various others in order to demonstrate whole life cost benefits and losses. 
  • Failure Rate Profiles – our model can calculate the failure rates of the cables and terminations based on your network design.  We are able to quickly compare multiple array layouts and failure scenarios.  
  • Review and Benchmarking – we can review and optimise your OPEX assumptions and costs for cable losses and downtime as well as failure modes. 

Advanced Loss Profiles

Reducing downtime through smart design

We support our clients to develop their network designs in collaboration with the O&M concept for projects, via the following services:

  • Maintenance Strategies – development and review of HV maintenance strategies, utilising our in-house modelling capabilities and through evaluation of our clients maintenance strategy. Allowing us to develop the optimum availability strategy for your project.  Quickly assess onload vs offload switchgear.
  • Downtime and Repairs – analyse how your network design will perform during a failure depending on your generation profile, time of year and also how much power can be exported around a ring / link.

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