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Adding real value to support your project

The key benefits

Industry-leading weather downtime models

Model weather downtime and a large range of different activities for any offshore construction vessel. We can breakdown each sub-activity and analyse any duration of required weather windows.

Improve the Programme

Detailed analysis and breakdown of each installation activity helps identify individual tasks that are most vulnerable to delay and can help your project optimise the programme. Outputs are automatically converted into a Gannt chart for use in MS project or P6.

Know your availability better

See how different P factors affect your project end date, we are able to model multiple P numbers all in one place and provide an easy to read report.

Try out different strategies

Work with us to test different installation strategy options quickly and efficiently. From single seasons to a phased approach over different years or analyse how winter working affects the programme.

Customised easy-to-use reports

Our dashboards can provide as much or as little detail as you need but we strive to present results in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Stay ahead of the game

Access the latest current and future vessel information and apply it to next generation turbines in order give your project an edge, especially in challenging environments.

Programme Modelling

Accurately model your installation strategy

  • Installation activities – we provide the client with robust information showing the likely duration of offshore construction activities in order to better inform commercial models.
  • Flexibility and choice – we know every project and client is different which is why our tools can output any P number required and can use custom vessel and activity profiles in order to suit bespoke projects or new vessels coming to market.

Weather downtime

Quickly see which activities are causing the most downtime

  • Detailed weather analysis our model can calculate the weather sensitivity of almost any task with a flexible breakdown of time required vs weather conditions.  We are able to quickly compare multiple installation scenarios using different vessel capabilities and identify where the majority of downtime is being caused.
  • Multiple locations we take into account the big picture by analysing not just the weather at site but also at the load-out port as well as in transit which gives a much more complete overview of how weather affects specific activities.
  • Compare different projects quickly – we are able to help clients assess multiple development zones quickly which can be invaluable when there are several available DPO areas under consideration or it’s a competitive government process.

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