Operations & Maintenance service

Offering modelling tools which are customisable, interactive and fast to use

The key benefits

Applied to multiple technologies

Model Onshore and Offshore (fixed or floating) wind farms. We can also model tidal turbines as well as onshore solar and storage.

Know your supply chain better

See how local content can influence your project OPEX costs. Our model can integrate supply chain targets for local content on a country specific basis.

Customised easy-to-use reports

Our dashboards can provide as much or as little detail as you need but we strive to present results in simple and easy to understand manor.

Improve the financial case

Delivering OPEX profiles that cover the life of a project, focussing on optimising OPEX to improve project NPV, IRR, and/or LCOE, wherever possible.

Try out different strategies

Work with us to test different service strategy options quickly and efficiently. From helicopters to daughter craft to tow back to shore.

Stay ahead of the game

Access the latest innovations in technology, service strategies and vessels to give your project or tender the best chance of success. Benchmark your project against your internal or external models.


All In One Cloud Platform
Free Beta
  • Global Dataset
  • Weather Analysis
  • Elevation Analysis
  • Advanced Data Search
  • Save & Load Projects
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Basic Hybrid

Work with Experienced O&M Consultants
£ 1,000 Per Project
  • Intro Meeting - Project Outline
  • Default Assumptions Book
  • Up To 5 Scenarios
  • Full OPEX Breakdown

Standard Hybrid

Work with Experienced O&M Consultants
£ 2,500 Per Project
  • Intro Meeting - Project Outline
  • Default Assumption Books
  • Up To 10 Scenarios
  • Full OPEX Breakdown
  • Concept Yield
  • Annual Profit Analysis

Premium Hybrid

Work with Experienced O&M Consultants
£ 5,000 Per Project
  • Intro Meeting - Project Outline
  • Expert Led Workshop
  • Up To 20 Scenarios
  • Full OPEX Breakdown
  • Concept Yield
  • Annual Profit Analysis

O&M Modelling

Built using our advanced in-house software

Whether you need a bespoke model built from the ground up or need to verify your own model outputs and assumptions then we can help.

  • Wind Farm Availability Profiles – we provide can provide production-based, time-based, and wind-in-limit availability profiles for your projects, focussing on optimising maintenance strategy to reduce downtime 
  • Failure Rate Profiles – our model can calculate the failure rates of the main components of your turbines and cables. For turbines we are able to provide the client with a selection of calculation methodologies 
  • Review and Benchmarking – we can review and optimise your OPEX, availability, and failure rate profiles along with benchmarking  them against our database.

O&M Strategy

Helping you pick the right strategy for your project

We support our clients to develop their O&M concept for projects via the following services:

  • Logistics Strategies – development and review of logistics strategies, utilising our in-house modelling capabilities and through evaluation of our clients logistics strategy. Allowing us to develop the optimum logistics strategy for your project.
  • Port Selection – provide support with port selection for both O&M base and major corrective campaigns.


Capture your costs more effectively

Using our knowledge and experience developing and evaluating decommissioning methods and cost estimates for several projects, we can support our clients to develop decommissioning cost estimates and methodology for their projects.

  • Methodology – producing a bespoke decommissioning methodology for your project. 
  • Cost estimates – we can provide a bottom-up and top-down decommissioning cost estimate for your project. 

M&A Due Diligence

Get the best value out of your transaction

Based on the other services we offer, Vekta Group are able to provide you with the following services, to support M&A due diligence work:

  • Review of OPEX and Availability budgets. 
  • Review of O&M strategy. 
  • Review of contracts and Employer’s Requirements, relating to operations. 
  • Review of project decommissioning costs and methodology.
  • We can offer our O&M modelling service to support project valuation and bids.

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