Renewable Projects

Working with investors to create a large-scale diversified UK renewables development portfolio

Development Strategy

Vekta Group is currently seeking to raise investor funding in order to create a development portfolio of projects in the UK with a primary focus on onshore wind and solar initially.  We have signed a memorandum of understanding with Andaman Energy & Infrastructure in order to join forces to work with investors keen to develop opportunities in the UK market initially.

An experienced and professional partnership

The founders of Vekta Group and Andaman have been working together for nearly a year on various mandates.  Over time they have realised that by bringing together their experience in the development and financing of renewable energy projects alongside their extensive relationships they are uniquely placed to access an overlooked investment opportunity.  By accessing this overlooked investment opportunity it becomes the first element of a long-term strategy to create a large-scale diversified UK renewable energy development portfolio.

Both companies comprise highly experienced senior professionals who have considerable experience on the ground of sourcing and delivering projects in the UK together with experienced project financiers, risk, and asset managers with history of delivering commercially successful projects globally.

By joining forces the team can deliver every aspect of a transaction:

  • Immediate access to a pipeline of quality projects
  • Knowledge of current owner’s organisations
  • Extensive relationships across every element of a transaction
  • Development from green field, pre-construction, construction, delivery and steady-state operations
  • What is required to make a project bankable
  • Deliver a profitable exit for investors if required
  • Hold and manage assets in perpetuity

The team has the abilities in house to originate and create a large-scale diversified renewable energy development portfolio.

Both founders are aligned in their want to establish a portfolio which will move quickly to access quality projects and not waste time and money on projects that will not succeed.  Both founders have been specialising in renewable energy for a long time and see it as tragedy that so many projects are not progressing because the current owners are not able to so due to internal constraints.

Both companies are passionate about the need to increase generation through renewable energy and they see this overlooked investment opportunity as a way to do that using their knowledge, experience and extensive relationships and which may without them never happen.

The founders want to establish a development division within Vekta Group that will not suffer from the inefficiencies and constraints of the types of organisations which currently own the stalled projects.  Both founders want to put into practice the best elements of all the organisations they have direct experience of whilst avoiding repeating the mistakes they have seen made. 

Important to both founders is that over the longer term an employment investment fund will be established that will ultimately mean that all team members will have the ability to invest directly in their own projects.

Get in touch if you would like to learn more

Our team is keen to talk to investors and project owners regarding transaction opportunities and the creation of a wider portfolio of projects.