Technical Advisor

Adding real value to support your project

Advisory solutions for a rapidly changing industry

Vekta Group is a trusted advisor to various developers and investors, we work on a very open and collaborative basis with our clients in order to maximise value offered.  We recognise that the renewables industry is undergoing significant growth and change as turbines get bigger, floating projects become more established and Oil & Gas operators shift their strategy more towards renewables. 

In order to meet this requirement from the market we have signed a memorandum of understanding with Apollo Offshore Engineering in order to join forces to work with investors, developers and oil & gas operators keen to develop opportunities in the renewables market.

What the service offers

The new combined service offering brings commercial, project management, yield modelling, power, electrical, mechanical, structural, transaction and marine experience to the benefit of three focus areas:

  • Electrification of oil and gas assets
  • Technical advisory services for floating offshore wind developers.
  • Due Diligence for project transactions

Our combined services, in addition to onshore wind and fixed offshore capability, are designed to provide industry-leading services in these key growth areas.

The key benefits

Intimate understanding of hydrocarbon extraction, wind development and utilities.

Theoretical and practical experience of project development at scale.

Expertise in supply and distribution of power through dedicated and grid power cables.

Working knowledge of all regulatory and legislative aspects for oil, gas, renewables and utility agreements.

Financial modelling - CAPEX and OPEX and investment case building.

The most efficient way to integrate this project and deliver at scale benefits to all.

Net-zero delivery.

Best experts from oil, gas, renewables and utilities.

Underpinned by knowledge and experience of working across multiple oil and gas operator and wind developers in this geography providing full integration for the benefit of all

Get in touch if you would like to know more

Our team is keen to talk to investors and Oil & Gas operators regarding due diligence, electrification, project development and transaction opportunities.