We are always looking for the right people and companies to work with…

If you share the belief that we can win the fight against climate change, are open to new ideas and ways of thinking and willing to challenge the status quo then Vekta Group is keen to talk to you.  We are always looking for the right people and companies to work with who share these common beliefs and want to make a difference.  Read on if you would you like to know more:


Vekta Group was founded on not just the belief that one person can make a difference but of how important it is to create a platform for change for our employees and partners that can grow organically with every new addition and venture. We value being able to take an open, objective and independent standpoint while at the same time maintaining agility in our work load and decision-making process. We want to grow as a business and we want to ensure our employees and partners have the opportunity to do the same.


We welcome the opportunity to work on projects and technologies of a variety of types and sizes because we recognise the value in fighting climate change is not just purely about who can build the biggest wind farm. It is also about enabling renewable technology to be scalable and workable in places from a single house to an off-grid village to a 1GW+ power station. Finding new ways projects and technologies can successfully get to market is a powerful motivator.


If you enjoy freedom from silos and want to explore your own projects and ideas alongside working on key projects that combat climate change then don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Climate change is everyone’s responsibility and it is going to take a different approach to business in order to fight it.


Knowledge is power, but what use is knowledge if it isn’t passed on. There is decades worth of combined experience in the renewables industry within Vekta Group and we are keen to share this with both employees and partners. We offer all our team mentoring and professional development opportunities and we don’t believe in silos or comfort zones. We are also keen to develop partnerships with other like-minded businesses as fighting climate change isn’t a competition about who can make the biggest profit, it’s about how can we work together to make the biggest positive impact.


If this sounds like something you want to be a part of then please get in touch, whether it be sending a CV or an idea you need help developing or you want to work with us then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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