Digital Solutions

Find the tools you need to get the project you want

We have developed our own in-house tools which are highly customisable, interactive and easy to use.



  • A Unique and comprehensive digital solutions platform designed specifically for the renewable energy sector by the renewable energy sector.
  • A portal to our other up coming software solutions. 
  • Built-in cloud-based geographic information system tools.
  • Global datasets for high-level exploration.
  • Continuously updated and improved.
  • Uses the secure Google Cloud eco system. 

Global datasets

Access our curated collection of global datasets

Find all the data you could ever need in one place and just a simple click away. Fully understand an area of interest by displaying, uploading custom or querying layers.

  • Power Infrastructure – Collection of power plants, power lines and generator points.
  • Bathymetry – Global bathymetry at 450m.
  • Wind Climate – 200m, 150m, 100m, 50m and 10m heights available to view.


Introducing our cutting edge new feature - FREE Wind Yield Functionality

Estimate estimate site yield, and calculate Annual Energy Production, Wake Effect, and Average Capacity Factor within seconds. This powerful tool helps you make informed decisions, monitor turbine health, and maximize your project’s efficiency and profitability.

  • Advanced Site Builder – Choose from existing sites or upload your own sites.
  • Instant Calculations – Get precise data on energy production and capacity factors swiftly.
  • Downloadable Results – Seamlessly integrate insights into your workflow with a handy downloadable .xlsx file.

Weather analysis

Identify an area of interest based on 30 years of climate data

Harness the power of ERA5, in collaboration with the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), or upload custom weather data to view and interrogate.

  • Wind Rose – View how wind speed and direction are typically distributed at a particular location
  • Persistence Calculator – A limited interval when weather conditions can be expected to be suitable for a particular activity e.g. turbine maintenance.

Elevation Analysis

Capture a full picture with simple elevation & depth visualisation

Gain information on water depths offshore or elevation heights onshore at a point, along a profile or across an area.

  • Onshore & Offshore Data – The data used is from GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans) and uses Mean Sea Level (MSL) measurement with 15 arc-second interval grids.
  • Slope Analysis Evaluate the stability of slopes of soil and rock-fill dams, embankments, excavated slopes, and natural slopes in soil and rock.

Advanced Data Search

Search for what you care about

Make it easier to view what you care about with our data search widget. Filter through the following list of datasets:

  • Global Port Search The World Port Index shows locations, physical characteristics, facilities, and services offered by major ports around the world.
  • AIS Data (Beta) – Visualise ship movements with a 10 minutes refresh rate.
  • Power Plant Search (Beta) – Search for an operational power plant whether it be a windfarm or a solar farm.