Apollo and Vekta Group announce partnership to provide key services across the offshore wind and Oil & Gas sectors.

8 February 2021

Offshore Wind developers and Oil and Gas companies are being offered access to a flexible, streamlined service in support of the energy transition and offshore wind farm developments.

Engineering and Consultancy companies, Apollo and Vekta Group today signed a memorandum of understanding that brings together decades of joint experience of both sectors.

The new combined service offering brings commercial, project management, yield modelling, power, electrical, mechanical, structural and marine experience to the benefit of two focus areas:

  • Electrification of oil and gas assets
  • Technical advisory services for offshore wind developers.

Apollo’s Marine and Renewables Director, Nigel Robinson is excited by the potential of the combined capabilities:

“Apollo and Vekta Group quickly realised that there was a natural synergy between our respective engineering and consultancy services, that would benefit clients across the energy sector.

Wind Developers can access to a unique owner’s engineer service model, supporting a broad range of expertise through a single contact point. Meanwhile, the integrated offering further supports the drive of operator businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and to qualify the electrification of assets.”

This joining of forces is in direct response to the increase in the demand for engineering and development solutions, with Round 4 and Scotwind leasing rounds in the offing and the net-zero targets of the hydrocarbon sector.

On this, Vekta Group Director Charles Balderston said:

“We believe that great collaboration is the key to finding positive ways to respond to the climate emergency and to reach net-zero as quick as possible. By working with Apollo, we strengthen our shared ambition to play a significant role in the energy transition process. With our combined experience and capability, we aim to offer high value and agile services to the Oil & Gas sector as well as offshore wind developers.”

Renewable UK’s Director of Strategic Communications Luke Clark said:

“It’s great to see our member companies Apollo and Vetka Group teaming up to provide valuable services across the energy sector including offshore wind. Many companies are successfully making the transition from fossil fuels to renewables, bringing experts with decades of experience in oil and gas to work in new roles, including innovative initiatives like powering oil and gas platforms with clean electricity from our world-leading offshore wind farms.”

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