Vekta Group launches persistence portal

8 June 2021

Vekta Group have been working on ways to help developers and suppliers to progress your project faster and cheaper.  On that note we are happy to bring to market a low cost, flexible and fast service that can convert your hindcast data to persistence within 24 hours. We make handling large amounts of data simpler and quicker with our custom built tools, dashboards and we provide all the outputs in excel so you pick and choose what information you need.

Please check out this link for more information on how it all works – If you would like a free demo or example conversion from a legacy project please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our website or linkedin.

The development of this service has been led by Paul Sweeney and Ian Johnson and it provides unique key benefits to our customers:

– Outputs and graphs all provided in excel in our custom dashboard so you can easily access and manipulate the data in one place.

– As well as the 10m level users can select any two aditional wind speed heights and we will automatically extrapolate the data

– We can output P10-P90 all in one place, you are also able to select any Hs height between 0.25m – 4m or a custom value.

– We provide a simple to use input template which includes wave period, wave height and wind speed

– If you don’t have any hindcast data we can help source it for you or if you need multiple points converting in the same DPO area we can provide a discount.